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  • The Lost Art of Humility

    It seems our society as a whole has lost the ability to think critically. Instead of spending time in deep thought, we have become a society of reactors. When we […]

  • Engrossed

    In 1982, the Bounty brand of paper towels achieved skyrocketing levels of sales with their new advertising campaign. The campaign centered around the tag line, “the quicker picker upper.” The […]

  • Upon the Death of George Floyd

    Race relations in America stands at a dire crossroads. The unnecessary and tragic death of George Floyd once again highlighted our country’s racial divide. The scene I witnessed in the […]

  • How Big Is Your Church?

    It seems that one of the first questions people ask me when they find out I’m a pastor is, “How big is your church?” I’m not sure why this has […]

  • Not in My Backyard

    The phrase “Not in My Backyard,” also called Nimby, signifies one’s opposition to the location of something that is considered undesirable in one’s own neighborhood. The phrase seems to have […]

  • Faces of Homelessness

    Homelessness has many faces. There are as many faces to homelessness as there are people and personalities in the world. Most of us categorize homeless folks into specific stereotypes. We […]

  • Desegregating Our Minds

    It’s not a secret; I’m white. When people see me, they identify me as Caucasian; which has afforded me opportunities that others with different skin pigmentation do not receive, and […]